Research Project - Class Wiki
ASD - Controversies and Treatment Approaches
Each student will research both (or multiple) sides of a current controversy OR a specific treatment approach/method regarding autism spectrum disorders. The goal of the analysis is to identify and describe multiple perspectives within this controversial topic or approach, to determine whether there is research or other evidence supporting this topic or approach, and ultimately to explain the current status of this controversy or treatment approach in the field, as well as your professional examination of it.

This assignment is an opportunity to educate one another about these issues and approaches. Each of you will construct a webpage focusing on one specific controversy or treatment approach as part of our class Wiki on Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Wiki is the collection of webpages accessed in one place. Please note that this Wiki can be accessed by others on the internet, and it will be available to you after this semester. Here are the guidelines for this group project:

The class Wiki is named “autismsummer2010,” and can be found at:
All student accounts are your ANGEL usernames.

To create your page, click on “New Page” from the left menu. Title your page with the name of your topic/controversy or treatment approach. Once you have created your page, you will simply edit and save it from then on.

Refer to the “Wiki Information” folder (under the “Lessons” tab) for additional information, including easy-to-follow tutorials on how to add text, pictures, links, and videos to your page.